Aircraft Sales And Marketing Tips

It can be quite challenging to successfully market and sell an aircraft unless you know where to look. Before you list the aircraft for sale, you need to prepare it first to increase your chances of selling it at a higher price and within a shorter period of time. Serious and motivate aircraft buyers are drawn to clean well-maintained aircraft. You can learn more about aircraft sales and marketing by reading this article.  

First you need to keep clean records about the aircraft you are selling. While this may seem obvious, it is often overlooked by some owners. Ensure that the aircraft logbook, STCs, registration certificates, and compliance records are well filed as these documents play a huge role in the sale of aircraft. When the logbooks are complete, easy-to-read, and in order, potential buyers are easily convinced that the aircraft is properly maintained. When there are missing entries in the documents, buyers will raise concerns about the condition of the airplane. The other good thing about organized logbooks is that it assists the aircraft appraiser to complete the assignment carefully and more accurately. The latest trend is to digitally replicate logbooks.   Find more details here:

Protect and polish the aircraft ahead of selling it. You can easily sell a plane that is clean and hanger when not in the air. The quickest way to shine your aircraft is to use the spit-shine method. People are naturally attracted to shiny stuff and when you wash and shine your aircraft before taking photos or showing it can be quite helpful. When you ensure the aircraft is clean, you can eliminate all doubts about the dust which helps potential buyers see the plane at its best. Use a wet cloth to wipe off edges after landing. The windshield and side windows should also be clean especially if you are expecting a potential buyer to come and view the plane. Proper care of the aircraft entails preventing scratches whenever possible and using chemicals that are designed for your type of window.

The most important tip to marketing and selling your plane is to engage a reputable aircraft sales services provider. Established aircraft sales companies have a huge network of sales professionals and access to potential buyers of various kinds of planes. When you hire an aircraft sales firm, they will take over the marketing process and you can be confident in making a sale sooner. All you need to do is find a reputable and experienced aircraft sales services provider.  Discover more info now: